User Creation

Managing user accounts is an open challenge to every IT administrator. Manual configuration of user properties extremely time consuming, tiresome, and error prone, especially in large and complex network. Active Directory manager Pro is an essential requirement to accomplish these tasks.

You can create the number of user accounts in active directory. Active Directory Manager Pro also allows for delegation of rights to the helpdesk technicians or non-administrators to create users. Also, with the automated report generation utility, you can manage not just the user accounts but the entire Active Directory proactively and efficiently.

Active Directory Manager allows you to create multiple templates that contain standard user attribute values, which can be applied while creating users in bulk.

Using Active Directory Manager Pro, you can bulk modify user attributes, including the Exchange and Terminal Services attributes. Some of the common Active Directory management functions; administration and attribute changes that can be performed quickly and consistently include the following:

  • Create User Account for Multiple Users
  • Modify Attributes for Multiple Users
  • Reset passwords for multiple user accounts
  • Change the user display name
  • Create Exchange Mailbox
  • Enable/disable/delete Inactive accounts in AD
  • Move users between OU's
  • Unlock accounts
  • And more

Single User Creation

From single place administrator can provision a user along with permissions, group membership, application provisioning, access rights, remote dial-in privileges, mobility and more. Additionally, you can apply templates (see user templates) to pre-fill lot of these settings. You can also create users on a schedule immediately or in future and set de-provision details at the time of provisioning. This is very powerful for enterprises that have to deal with contracts and other temporary staff.

Bulk User Creation

Active Directory Manager Pro simplifies the process of creating and managing users, in bulk, with just mouse clicks.

Create users bulk in a domain by specifying all the attributes including Exchange & Terminal Services attributes.

Add users by copying properties of another user.

Create and use templates with common user attributes.

Create users in an existing container or create a new OU in a domain and add users to it.

Custom Attributes

AD Manager Pro provides the flexibility to add additional custom attributes via its schema management. Apart from the existing Attributes in the Active Directory you can define and Add new attributes which your environment demands. You can create custom and associate values for attributes of user, computers, groups and OU objects.

Temporary Users

You can also create users on a schedule immediately or in future and set de-provision details at the time of provisioning. This is very powerful for enterprises that have to deal with contracts and other temporary staff.

Delete Users (workflow)

Single or bulk users after delete are archived for later retrieval and restore. Upon deletion, workflow is created and the request is moved for review and later for approval.

The first step in the workflow is review. See workflow for more information.

Reviewer assesses the request, weighs its pros and cons, and offers recommendations.

After reviewer approver, the request will come to the approver.

After getting the approval then the request goes to the Executor. Executor is the one who executes the approved action

Restore Users

The deleted users can be restored in active directory manger pro. Upon deletion Active Directory Manager Pro archives the deleted objects for later retrieval and restore

De Provisioning

Automating de-provisioning of user accounts makes the enterprises secure and reduce the risk of misuse of the account. Several times the user accounts are left in active state even after employee is no longer with the company.

With Active Directory Manager Pro it is a breeze, simply delegate the task to HR, they schedule the De Provisioning policy by setting up De provision time, Remove from the groups, logon hours, account expiration, Email, LCS and Dial in service.

De Provision Template

Active directory Manager Pro design to automate the process of de-provisioning. Accounts are left hanging in Active Directory as it is difficult to manual de-provision. With Active Directory Manager Pro it is matter of scheduling the de-provisioning. You can further simplify by defining different templates for the de-provisioning.

De Provision Template stores the de provision information of users as a template. Next time when the users logins to the application, he can view his template for the details and can modify and delete it.

Bulk User Creation Using LDIF

LDIF stands for "Light Weight Directory Interchange Format". Active Directory Manager Pro supports creation of users via LDIF files. This is very useful if you are migrating from users from another LDAP directory.

Note: You can also export users using Active Directory Manager Pro to a LDIF for migration purposes. User reports->General Reports tab in Reports will display all these users using LDIF format.


A user can be created by selecting the predefined templates available. Templates play an important role in maintaining permissions for different levels of users. By selecting a template, all the properties of the template will be applied to the users that is created.