AD Active Directory GPO Tracking



Group Policy is a set of rules that control the working environment of user accounts and computer accounts. Group Policy provides the centralized management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and users' settings in an Active Directory environment.

Active Directory Manager Pro allows GPO management from a single web based console. The administrators no longer have to face the windows based tools limitations.

Lock GPO

Active Directory Manager Pro provides locking and unlocking of the GPO's. The locked GPO is not accessible until it is unlocked.

This powerful feature allows administrators to temporarily lock GPO's.

Unlock GPO

Unlock GPO unlocks the locked GPO.

Cloak GPO:

Active Directory Manager Pro supports Group Policy Object cloaking so that they are not accessible to the roles from which they were created.

GPO cloaking will not allow the role users to access

GPO Versions

Active Directory Manager Pro has a powerful GPO versioning functionality. Using this feature companies can track changes, compare GPO's for changes. In addition, a version of the GPO can be modified or restored via a single click.

For example, easy compare and view of GPOs to track the changes and restore.

Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP)

Resultant set of policy is another powerful feature of group policy object management of Active Directory Manager Pro. There are two core scenarios for the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP); Reporting the effect of policy on various combinations of users and computers, and predicting the affect of the policy and predicting GPO behavior also known as planning mode.

RSoP Logging mode: logging mode is used to report on the current state of Group Policy settings. The scope of reports includes Group Policy settings for various targets, including a computer, a user, or both.

RSop Planning mode: The end result is a report of Group Policy settings. This report contains simulated data.

RSoP is very powerful and must have before a GPO is deployed.


Inheritance in the GPO will provide different functionality. Inheritance will be blocked to the selected OU. Means the GPO permissions on that particular OU can be blocked for hiding and again for showing can be unblocked.

To check these settings in the Active Directory Manager: check in the GPO report

->General Reports->GPO Blocked Inheritance Container.

Block the GPO


Unlock procedure is used to unlock the locked GPO

Backup GPO's

Centralized, simple, easy and single click backing up of the GPO's.

Restore GPO

Centralized, simple, easy restore of the GPOs from the backed up images.