According to a recent report, about 1 in 4 calls to IT Help Desks involve resetting expired passwords, and unlocking user accounts. CionSystems saves you time and money by allowing employees to self-manage their accounts without having to call the Help Desk. This results in less downtime and increased satisfaction with IT processes.

CionSystems Active Directory Self Service is a state-of-the-art solution for identity administration and access control. The Active Directory Self Service delivers the functionalities of web access policy creation and enforcement, user self-registration and self-service, delegated administration, password management, and reporting. Having 3 access levels provides the flexibility and reach necessary in today’s complex business environment.

The Active Directory Self Service is simplifying your IT processes and streamlines your daily activities. This application is a highly flexible and scalable identity management system that controls user accounts and access privileges within the enterprise IT organization. The Active Directory Self Service capabilities allow users to manage their own profiles and perform account and password updates. Having customizable challenge questions set by the IT administrators will enable secure identification and password resets. This application will easily pay for itself many times over just through the reduced Help Desk calls.

The notification process included in the Active Directory Self Service allows administrators to set specific policies to ensure all users, including those in remote offices or working offsite, are aware of password expirations. The users that would normally be stranded without access until they contact your Help Desk are now able to reset their access and passwords, and eliminate any downtime and reduction in productivity.

The Active Directory Self-Service offers comprehensive reporting to assure compliance. You’ll be able to measure adoption across the board by looking at how many users have self-registered. You can report and analyze trends in password resets, notification efforts, and user update changes.

System Requirements :

  • Intel Pentium Processor, AMD, or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000+ XP Professional (Windows Administrative Pack required)
  • IIS 5.X (X abbreviates for Version)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, ASP 2.0
Active Driectory Self Service


  • 100% web based, On premise self service for local domain users
  • 3 level of access (administrator, manager and user)
  • Self update user profile, group membership management, change passwords, outlook configuration management, mobile device management
  • Self service for password resets (portal for users to reset and unlock without having to call IT Helpdesk) for local domain and Microsoft BPOS | Office 365
  • Passwords are synchronized between local domain and Microsoft BPOS | Office 365 | AD Domain
  • Audit log for all changes done via self service portal (who, when , where and what)
  • Automated notifications for all locked out users, passwords about to expire and inbox size limit threshold
  • Automatic Password Expiry Notification for Office 365 and BPOS Users
  • Multi-factor authentication. Supports one time password  Authentication for changing, resetting passwords and Unlocking Account
  • Automatically resetting password expired Users password automatically
  • Automated notifications of Password audit report, Mail status Report, Unlock audit
  • Automatic notification to user when password is changed or reset