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Identity and access – simplified for both on premise and cloud

"As it turned out AD Reporter and the notifications was a great help in troubleshooting the locking account. The change notification pointed us to the origin of failed authentications of Exchange. AD Reporter revealed the exact schedule and frequency that the account was locking. Between these 2-pieces of information, a conversation with the user pointed us to directly to the application that was setup with his out dated credentials"

IT Director, UCAN

Affordable Identity and Access Lifecycle Management Solutions

Reduce number of administrators and other high privilege accounts.

Your IT budget is stretched thin and you struggle to cut support costs. It doesn't help that manual Identity administration and management, provisioning and de-provisioning processes are time-consuming. Even worse, manual implementation can be error-prone, threatening the security of your environment.

Organizations can no longer rely on manual provisioning, de-provisioning, delegation and administrative processes to maintain compliance and security of Identity infrastructure. Add to that the need to simplify management, reduce costs, and tightly delegate control of Identity and access on premise and cloud among various administrative groups, today's administrators need help!

CionSystems can help. Here's how: Using our solutions reduce the administrators and high privilege account increase, you can manage users, temporary groups, OU's, Exchange and more, from a web-based interface, without the need for scripting or other complex programming. Password management and unlocking accounts is a snap. The solutions are flexible, easy to deploy and maintain.